The Clean-Up Begins

I haven't been in much of a mood for writing lately. To be honest, things have been a little somber here at the Ha house.

The majority of the country is unable to grasp the scope of the disaster that has unfolded here in Middle Tennessee due to a lack of news coverage. The national media, it seems, has been distracted by a few small stories... the recent bomb threat in Times Square, the worst oil spill in history, the illegal immigration law being passed in Arizona and subsequent protests, and the country of Greece on the verge of collapse.

When it rains, it pours.

For those of us living here in Middle Tennessee, there is no escaping the reality of this tragedy.
Eighteen people have died in Tennessee alone, countless people are now homeless, businesses have been destroyed... In many parts of the region, the flood waters have not even begun to subside. The scope of the disaster is almost overwhelming.

Despite the loss, it has been truly amazing to watch our communities join forces to help those in need. Friends, neighbors and complete strangers are working together to clean water-logged homes. Offers to provide temporary housing, clothing, household items are literally pouring in. Those who are physically unable to help are doing loads of laundry or cooking meals.

A few scenes from yesterday...

A family loaded a grill onto the back of a trailer and drove through an especially hard-hit neighborhood offering cold drinks and hot dogs to the workers. Grandmothers were spotted passing out popsicles and sweet tea. Children were seen working alongside their parents, and in many cases organizing their own relief efforts to help those in need.

It has been heartwarming to watch.

Tragedies like this have a way of bringing out the best in people. They provide us with an opportunity to love others, not only with our words, but with our actions.

If you live here in the Middle Tennessee area and were not hit by this tragedy, I would like to encourage you to find ways to help. The clean-up process is going to take a very long time and even the smallest offer of assistance can make a huge difference.

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My heart is breaking. I've checked your blog prior to this post to make sure you all were okay. I cannot believe it -- can't wrap my mind around it. We LOVE Franklin and N'ville. If we could afford it, we would move to Franklin in a heartbeat. For Meridee's, if nothing else. Samaratan's (sp) Purse is where we will make our donation. They will be sending a team on Monday and working with the local churches. I really don't know what to say. We were so blessed, so blessed, that we only received less than 4 inches. We are tucked waaaaaaaaaay up in the corner that borders Va and NC but this is our state: east, middle and west. Our people. Trusting Christ to help those who are so overwhelmed and broken-hearted. Praying that many will be led to give generously.

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