The Stick Bug

© shoutingforha

© shoutingforha
My boy found a stick bug during recess last week. Like all nine-year-old boys, he did the only logical thing and crammed the thing in his pocket. Lucky bug.

The boy decided that one of my old mason jars would make a perfect habitat for his new friend. I'm sure that Mr. Stick Bug is delighted with the luxurious accommodations that his captor has provided.

Mrs. W. (the boy's fourth grade teacher) has agreed to let Mr. Stick Bug live on the boy's desk next to the other creatures... an African Dwarf Frog, a Fiddler Crab and
a Centipede. I'm beginning to think my boy goes to school at a zoo.

This weekend, the boy decided to bring the insect home. I think he was worried Mr. Stick Bug would be lonely. With Brick and the boy to keep it company, the creature was probably terrified.

The boy does not like to leave Mr. Stick Bug in the jar, but prefers to carry the insect around on his shoulder. I even caught the child letting the bug sit next to him on the sofa while he watched TV.

Have I mentioned how much I hate bugs? The boy could not accept this fact an
d decided to lunge at me while holding the Mr. Stick Bug. He was convinced this would help me overcome my fear.

I finally caved in to his constant pestering and picked up Mr. Stick Bug. He was kind-of squishy... not hard like a real stick. I did not like it one bit.

Mr. Stick Bug went back to school with the boy this morning. I'm sure he had quite a few horror stories to tell his fellow desk-mates, the frog, the crab and the centipede.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Lol...next time the boy visits us, please check his pockets to make sure Mr. Stick doesn't come visit us too, :)

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

inquiring minds...will Mr. Stick be coming to wedding? Uncle Andy - the science guy - might enjoy visiting with it. Wonder how much airlines would charge for inflight pet to fly.

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