Of Snow and A Valentine's Day Party

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We got another three inches of snow on Wednesday night and, as a result, school has been canceled until Monday.  A collective sigh of misery could be heard throughout the county.  Five day weekend anyone?  

Thankfully, the county had the presence of mind to build ten snow days into the school calendar.  As of today, we have used nine.  Is it wrong of me to hope that we use all ten?

In related news, I suffered a moment of weakness and I agreed to help with the activities for my son's Valentine's Day party, which was scheduled for today.  In reality, I simply offered to bring my Valentine's Day bingo game and a few bags of Sweethearts to use as markers.

I've found that it's helpful to have a game of some sort to pull out towards the end of a class party.  By that point, the kids are all amped up on sugar and are itching to go home.  A game is a good distraction.

When I spoke to the mom in charge of the fourth grade party, she informed me that she used to be a clown and thought she would do a little Valentine's Day face painting (hearts and cupid).  That's it.  Her grand plan was to leisurely paint faces for ninety minutes.  

I don't mean to be rude, but my initial reaction was that her party sounded really LAME.

She then told me that she had absolutely no intentions of doing anything else, but that she would be "fine with it" if I took care of everything else.  Grrr.  Many moms could simply say, "No thanks.  I'm just fine bringing my Bingo game."  

I'm not one of those moms.

It was as if something was compelling me to step in and take over.  To be fair, I think I was partially motivated knowing that my son, like the other boys in the class, would not be happy about having hearts painted on his face.

I immediately dug through my craft supplies to see what I could pull together. With just a little effort I was able to come up with enough activities and crafts to keep the kiddos occupied for the duration of the party.  Then it snowed and school was canceled.

While I am slightly annoyed that all my effort might be for naught, I am secretly hoping that the powers-that-be don't reschedule the class parties.  Next week is already jam-packed, culminating with the 60's themed Read-a-Thon on Friday.  I would be happy to pack away my bingo game until this time next year.

Either way, it is clear that I need to do a better job of saying no.  

How about you, dear readers?  Are you one of those parents who is always helping out up at your kids schools, or do you prefer to keep your school activities to a minimum?

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gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

I bounce back and forth. When my older kids were little, I was very involved in their school activities. I burned out, though.

Now their school requires 80 hours of volunteering a year. The requirement sort of sucks the joy out of helping, although it is still fun. You sign up to do random things because you HAVE TO. Not because you want to, or you're gifted in that area.

Luckily, my mom is going to New York as a chaperone for my oldest's trip there in April, so that takes care of our 80 hours. By about a zillion.

kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow - more snow days! None here for us but we did have 2 days of school closings last week because it was 20 below 0. You've got to love Colorado :)

shoutingforha said... Best Blogger Tips


Your school sounds just like the charter school my niece attends in Colorado. My sister is always lamenting about how hard it is to squeeze in all those volunteer activities, especially with two little ones at home. How wonderful that your mom is going on the trip!

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