Random Thoughts on a Thursday, vol. 3

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1. I recently made a change to some of the artwork in the music room. The hubby had an assortment of old albums that he had intended to hang in his office, but they never managed to make it onto the wall. With his blessing, I arranged them on the wall behind the boy's drum kit.

I am really happy with how it turned out. One nice thing about using albums as art is that, if we grow tired of looking at Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, we can easily swap it out with something else... Say a little U2 or MJ.

2. According to Google Analytics, an inordinately large number of people have found my blog by searching, "How to break my fingers." I must admit that I am slightly disturbed by the fact that there are people out there who are actively trying to figure out new and exciting ways to snap one of their digits.

I feel certain that there were many sighs of disappointment when they realized that my secret to finger-breaking lies with a beastly dog, his collar and a freak accident. Try and duplicate that if you can, you crazies.

3. My juice fast is going splendidly. After about four days of being miserable due to a lack of caffeine, I turned a corner and am feeling great. The puffiness that I had as a result of the steroids is finally gone and I am sleeping like a rock.

The only thing that I have missed while on the fast is the multi-layered flavors of normal food. No matter how many fruits or vegetables I combine to make a juice, my palate only tastes one note. Sure I can taste each individual flavor in the juice, but it is a little flat. It's amazing how much flavor is added by the addition of spices and the simple act of cooking.

I plan on keeping it up for a few more days and will then begin to incorporate some other foods into the mix.

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