One Thousand Gifts (1002 - 1014)

© shoutingforha

1002.  Bird feeders made from oranges and twine.
1003.  My son eagerly volunteering to help out at VBS.
1004.  Watching the way all the little ones clamor to be next to my boy.
1005.  Mini cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
1006.  The sound of 50 children singing "Happy Birthday" and then shouting, "Make a wish!" as I blow out the candle.
1007.  Being another year older. It's exciting to ponder what things the next year might hold. 
1008.  A good night's sleep after a busy day. 
1009.  My friend's beautiful voice.  I could listen to her sing all day.
1010.  Laughing with girlfriends.
1011.  The smell of meat smoking on the bar-b-que.
1012.  My hubby.  He is a wonderful father.
1013.  Riding bikes with my boy.  I love trying to keep up with him on the long winding trails. 
1014.  Knowing that every day is new.

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Natasha said... Best Blogger Tips

VBS was a big gift for me this week too!

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