One Thousand Gifts (1015 - 1025)

© shoutingforha
1015.  My sweet little niece who turned four last week.  I wish I lived close enough to kiss the crater-like dimples in her cheeks.
1016.  Being treated to a day out with a dear friend to celebrate my birthday. 
1017.  Fresh, ripe strawberries.  
1018.  Phone calls from my sister.  I love seeing her number when I pick up my phone.
1019.  The way the little bits of fat get all caramelized and tasty on a perfectly grilled rib-eye steak.  
1020.  The smell of chlorine and sunscreen on my boy's skin.  
1021.  Listening to classical music while I clean.
1022.  The excitement on my boy's face when he saw his new Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum, one of my hubby's Craigslist finds.
1023.  Fireworks stands popping up all over the area.  My boy can hardly contain his excitement.
1024.  Wearing summer dresses on insanely hot days.
1025.  My hubby's 43 years.  May he be blessed with many more.

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