One Thousand Gifts (991 - 1001)

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991.  The first Tennessee peaches of the season. Nothing tastes better than a perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy peach.  I could eat an entire basket.
992.  The way the morning sun shines through the stained glass windows of our church.  Gorgeous. 
993.  Going to the eye doctor and having my contact lens prescription lightened for the second time in a row! At this rate, I could be glasses free in a few years.  
994.  An air conditioned house on a hot summer day.
995.  A long, hot shower after a busy day.
996.  My ridiculously clean house.  While getting it ready for the video shoot was hard work, I sure loved the results.
997.  Hearing compliments about our house.  While I'm not one to care what anyone else thinks, it was nice to hear our home described as "lovely, welcoming, comfortable and cozy."  I hope everyone feels that way when they visit. 
998.  A morning out with my boy and our dog.  I especially enjoyed eating breakfast on the patio of one of our favorite places
999.  Spinach, bacon and feta omelet. 
1000.  Watching a gorgeous sunset while I chat with a friend.
1001.  Having 1,000 things to be thankful for.  It's been so good for my soul and so I think I will continue...

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Susan at Thoughtful Spot said... Best Blogger Tips

what a lovely blog . . .stopping by from Ann's and so glad that i did!

halwits said... Best Blogger Tips

This blog is very good. Apples are so fresh.

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