One Thousand Gifts (1062 - 1075)

© shoutingforha
"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."  
~ Jean Baptiste Massieu

1062.  The old buildings that line the town squares of so many Tennessee cities.  The one pictured above is in Winchester, TN.
1063.  The way my boy's hair curls in the humid summer air.
1064.  Soft cotton pajamas.
1065.  Bear hugs. 
1066.  Lunch dates with my boy.  I so enjoy his company.
1067.  Fireflies.
1068.  A weekend getaway with some of my favorite girlfriends.  I had the most wonderful time.
1069.  A family who generously let us stay at their lake house. 
1070.  Watching storm clouds roll in over Tims Ford Lake.
1071.  Laughter, food, friendship.
1072.  Roads that wind through the beautiful Tennessee countryside.
1073.  Stopping to peruse antique/junk stores as we made our way home.
1074.  Coming home to a spotless house. 
1075.  My hubby's snarky sense of humor.  He can make me laugh like no other.

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