One Thousand Gifts (1076 - 1092)

© shoutingforha
1076.  Homemade chicken stock.
1077.  Savoring the last few days of summer vacation.
1078.  A boy wrestling with his dog. 
1079.  Cooler temperatures in the forecast. It makes me excited for fall.
1080.  A hard-working husband.
1081.  The way my boy is constantly drumming on things.  I love hearing him do what he loves.
1082.  A new backpack for school.
1083.  Carnival rides at the county fair.
1084.  Newborn piglets snuggled tight against their mother's stomach.
1085.  Morning thunderstorms.
1086.  The twinkle of mischief in my boy's green eyes.
1087.  Anticipation about the first day of middle school.
1088.  A boy running scales on his bell set in preparation for the middle school band.
1089.  Out boy's drum teacher.  We are fortunate that he is both a world-class instructor and a dear friend.
1090.  A great first day of middle school.  I love that my boy is excited about the coming year.
1091.  Oven roasted broccoli.
1092.  Watching my boy grow up.  I like the person he is becoming.

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Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

Mmmm...roasted broccoli. I think it is my favorite side dish in the world. Let's be honest, sometimes I eat more than a "side dish" portion!

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