One Thousand Gifts (1110 - 1131)

© shoutingforha
1110.  A great trip to Disney World with my guys.  It really is the most magical place on earth.
1111.  Checking our luggage in Nashville and having it show up in our room at Disney World.  I love how they take care of every detail.
1112.  My boy's cheers and laughter as we enjoyed ride after ride.
1113.  Getting soaked on Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids during the heat of the day.  What a fun way to cool off!
1114.  Mickey Mouse ice cream bars.
1115.  Dramamine.  I wouldn't have survived the spinning rides (I'm talking to you, Mad Tea Party) without it.
1116.  Freckles dotting our suntanned skin.
1117.  The water slides and wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon
1118.  Watching my hubby and Donald Duck play several rousing games of Tic-Tac-Toe over breakfast.
1119.  Fireworks being launched over Cinderella's castle.  The perfect way to end the day.
1120.  Friends who happily watch Brick while we are out of town.
1121.  Home.  No matter how much fun we've had, we're always so happy to be back in our own house.
1122.  Glorious weather. 
1123.  My hubby's wonderful friends.  He is so fortunate to know such a great group of men.
1124.  Illy coffee brewed in the stove-top espresso pot.  There's nothing better.
1125.  Answering the phone and hearing an excited, "Hi Aunt Mimi!"  Gosh, I love being an aunt.
1126.  Ribs slowly cooked on the grill.  
1127.  Stumbling across some old VHS tapes in a long-forgotten box.  It was fun to watch twenty-one-year-old footage of my hubby playing guitar.  
1128.  The way my whole house smells after I scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors.
1129.  A hubby who happily takes our overflowing recycling bins to the recycling center.
1130.  My sweet nephew who turned two on Friday.  I only wish I could have been there to celebrate.
1131.  Yellow leaves starting to appear on the trees.  I cannot wait for fall to arrive.

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Cindy in PA said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never been to Disney World and now feel like I've experienced some of it through your words. Thank you for sharing your list this week. Blessings!

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