One Thousand Gifts (1132 - 1146)

© shoutingforha
1132.  Time spent each morning enjoying the quite, sipping espresso (with lots of cream) and reading.  It's one of my favorite ways to start the day.
1133.  The gift of a new insulated travel mug.  Now I can enjoy more piping hot coffee as I go about my day.
1134.  Late start Mondays.  What a treat to get an extra thirty minutes of sleep!
1135.  Waking up to the sound of raindrops tapping on my windows.
1136.  My boy's own list of thankfulness.
1137.  Precious memories tucked away in boxes. 
1138.  Vegetable beef soup on a cool, rainy evening.
1139.  Fallen leaves blowing across the winding Tennessee roads.
1140.  Having to turn on the heat to take the early morning chill out of the house.  Fall, is it really you?
1141.  Twenty years with my man.
1142.  The way the sun makes the dew drops dotting a spider web glisten and glow.
1143.  Spending the day with my neighbor, who happens to be a dear friend. 
1144.  Silly conversation with the boy on the drive to school.
1145.  Watching Top Gear with the boy (his favorite TV show).  The hosts are hilarious and we spend the majority of the show laughing at their jokes and sharp whit.
1146.  The first official day of Fall.  It's my favorite season of the year.

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