One Thousand Gifts (1062 - 1075)

© shoutingforha
1062.  The gift of a new cookbook.  I'm excited to put all the information into practice.
1063.  Leaves aflame with color.
1064.  J's banana cream pie.  It is, without a doubt, the best I've ever had.
1065.  Friends who are like rays of sunshine on cloudy days.
1066.  A mid-week bike ride with a good friend.  I'm looking forward to another excursion this week.
1067.  The look of pride and accomplishment on my boy's face after finishing four huge school projects.
1068.  Whole wheat waffles and maple syrup.  Enough said.
1069.  Text messages from my sister.
1070.  Chilly night air nipping at my back while the heat from the fire pit warms my body.
1071.  My hubby playing video games when the boy isn't home. 
1072.  Caramel corn.
1073.  A night of laughter with my girlfriends.
1074.  Driving through fog as it rolls in waves across the road.
1075.  A tired and snugly boy home from a sleepover.

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