One Thousand Gifts (1076 - 1090)

© shoutingforha
1076.  Perfectly grilled pork spare ribs.  I've loved them since I was a kid.
1077.  A beastly dog who insists on trying to sit in my lap.  He's a snuggler.
1078.  My hubby's belly laugh.  He has a very low voice, but his laugh is high, loud and infectious.
1079.  Knowing my mom's knee replacement surgery is scheduled.  I'm excited for her to get some much needed relief.
1080.  The first frost.
1081.  My boy's crazy dance moves (and a good story to boot).
1082.  Gun muffs that protect my ears from the boy's xylophone playing.  It's brutal.  I cannot wait until they band teacher lets him play snare drum.
1083.  The smell of smoke that lingers on our clothing after an evening sitting beside the fire pit. 
1084.  Hearing good reports from all my son's teachers during our conference.
1085.  An incredible lightening display in the wee hours of the morning.  I love a good thunderstorm.
1086.  A mug of hot tea on a chilly morning which was made even better by the company of a good friend.
1087.  My boy's heartfelt prayers for the neighbor girl after the death of her mom.  He has such a compassionate heart.
1088.  My man-child and the hubby who like to sit together, all squished and squeezed, in the chair in our den. 
1089.  A Saturday morning phone call from my four-year-old niece.  Her little voice can be described in one word... pink.
1090.  A dinner date with dear friends.

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