One Thousand Gifts (1147 - 1161)

© shoutingforha
1147.  Chatting with the hubby by the fire while my boy and his friend roast marshmallows.
1148.  Listening to my boy play his drums.  He took a break for a little while and I had missed the musical racket. 
1149.  The jingle of the tags on Brick's collar. 
1150.  Going on a dinner date with a cute eleven-year-old redhead.
1151.  Fallen golden leaves sprinkled across the lawn.
1152.  Snuggling under a fluffy quilt.
1153.  An evening spent reading a good book.
1154.  Chicken tortilla soup on a cool fall evening.
1155.  The laughter of my hubby and his friend filling the house.
1156.  My boy, hunched over the table as he works on his homework.
1157.  Taking the beast, the boy and his friend to a festival in Nashville.  The perfect way to spend an afternoon.
1158.  A dog who sleeps like a log after a day of excitement.  He's such a lazy creature.
1159.  A nice long chat on the phone with my mom.  We had been playing phone tag for a couple weeks.
1160.  Overcast days.
1161.  Boys prepping for a Nerf war with the hubby.

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