One Thousand Gifts (1133 - 1145)

© shoutingforha
1133.  Thick fog blanketing the square in historic Franklin, TN. It's such a beautiful place to live.
1134.  The golden color and wonderful aroma of homemade chicken stock.
1135.  The haunting call of an owl in the still of the night.  A giant Great Horned Owl is a frequent visitor at our house.
1136.  A long, hot shower on a chilly morning.  
1137.  Watching video that my boy recorded with his iPod during 6th grade band practice.  His facial expressions combined with the screeching of the horns...  I couldn't stop giggling. 
1138.  All of the guys at Forks Drum Closet.  They are always so kind and generous to our family, especially our boy.  Plus, it's the best drum shop in the world.
1139.  Watching my boy practice a little target shooting.  Not only does he love it, his aim is pretty darn good.
1140.  Good friends, a glass of wine, laughter, a roaring fire in the fire pit...  The perfect way to spend an evening.
1141.  Morning light shining through the stained glass windows of our church.
1142.  My boy breaking into a spontaneous dance as we strolled down the store aisle.
1143.  Sunday lunch with a dear friend.
1144.  A night at the movies with my guys. 
1145.  A beautiful weekend.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

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