One Thousand Gifts (1192 - 1203)

© shoutingforha
1192.  The years my boy spent in my neighbor's "climbing tree."  We're so sad it came down in the storm this week, but thankful for all the memories.
1193.  My boy's excitement about the dozens of cookies I brought home from a cookie swap. 
1194.  New windshield wiper blades on a rainy day.
1195.  Perusing thrift stores with my girlfriends.
1196.  Sitting outside, sipping coffee and chatting with friends on a warm December afternoon.
1197.  Pot roast.
1198.  Listening to stories, both silly and touching, at our church's Story Night.  It's one of my favorite events.  
1199.  My boy wrapped in a toga for the Greek Olympics at school.  
1200.  Hearing the sound of raindrops tapping on the roof while I hide Christmas presents in the attic.
1201.  The way my boy is extra cuddly when he doesn't feel well.  Being sick is the pits, but I sure do love the snuggling.
1202.  Friday breakfast with an amazing group of ladies.   
1203.  The laughter, growling and shouting that fills the house when my guys wrestle.

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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

The tree made the blog! We came home tonight from vacation to see that our neighbor had cut it all up and stacked the firewood on our patio. Sweet man. I'll miss that tree too!

nana said... Best Blogger Tips

mother nature has plans of her own.
goodbye climbing tree.

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