One Thousand Gifts (1204 - 1213)

© shoutingforha
1204.  Writing down our family goals for 2013 which my son appropriately named "The Oath."
1205.  Watching The Wonder Years with the boy.  We're having the best time watching Kevin Arnold grow up. 
1206.  Playing Scrabble online with my mother-in-law.  The hubby doesn't enjoy the game so it's nice to have a remote playing buddy.
1207.  Catching up with an old friend.
1208.  Brick's graying face.  He's such a good old dog.
1209.  All the possibilities that a new year brings.
1210.  My boy's new short haircut.  I love his wild red mop of hair but am enjoying being able to see all of his sweet face.
1211.  A green January landscape from endless days of rain.  
1212.  The boy's joy at realizing his feet are the exact same length as the hubby's (I measured them with a tape measure).  He really does have puppy feet.
1213.  Denver Bronco's football, even when they lose.  Once a Bronco's fan, always a Bronco's fan.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

like your list of thanks today.

Kelly Hallahan said... Best Blogger Tips

great list! and past 1000- well done! I am really enjoying the blank slate of a new year- so full and so empty! blessings from Uganda

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