One Thousand Gifts (1214 - 1226)

1214.  Finding "droodles" in my boy's school agenda.  His Social Studies teacher draws one on the board every day and they have to write what they see. 
1215.  Brown Cow yogurt.  It is the yummiest yogurt ever.  
1216.  The sound of ice crystals hitting the ground as they rain from the winter sky.  It makes the roads dangerously slick but I sure love the sound.
1217.  The poems my boy is writing for his Language Arts class.
1218.  The smell of a good cigar.
1219.  Late night text messages from my sister. 
1220.  Playing Minecraft with my boy.  I love that he invites me to help build things in his
1221.  Waking at 5:45 a.m. to the smell of coffee and breakfast cooking.  What a good hubby I have.
1222.  A week of sunshine in the forecast.  What a welcome change after almost two weeks of nonstop rain.
1223.  My non-sandwich-eating child requesting none other than a sandwich for lunch.  Oh, the lunchbox possibilities!
1224.  Running mindless errands with my hubby.  I so enjoy hanging out with him.
1225.  A three-day weekend.  I love any opportunity for my boy to have a day off from school.
1226.  The crazy high laugh of one of my hubby's friends.  It has to be one of the best laughs ever.
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