One Thousand Gifts (1238 - 1250)

© shoutingforha
1238.  A vase of daffodils.  They are so cheerful amidst the winter gloom. 
1239.  My boy and my mom playing flashlight tag in the backyard.  
1240.  Snow.  We only had a few inches but it was enough to make me feel like we have had a real winter. 
1241.  Warm banana bread with butter.
1242.  My boy's room when it has been cleaned and tidied.
1243.  My hubby's excitement about his new iPad.  His anticipation over its arrival was akin to my boy's on Christmas Eve. 
1244.  The smell of clean kitchen floors. 
1245.  Chopping a good three inches off the length of my hair.  Farewell, daily ponytail.   
1246.  Finding my boy a great pair of Ray Ban glasses at Costco.  Not only does he look adorable but they cost less than a third of what I would have spent at any other place.
1247.  The season of Lent.  
1248.  The kind words of a friend.
1249.  Warm biscuits with butter and jam.
1250.  The green of Tennessee even in the midst of winter.  

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