One Thousand Gifts (1164 - 1175)

© shoutingforha
1164. The pot of cactus growing on my boy's dresser. They have grown so much since the hubby brought them back from a trip to Arizona.
1165. Reading a book that makes me think and fosters good discussion.
1166. The sound of my hubby's breathing when he is sound asleep. I always find it very comforting.
1167. Fresh green beans.
1168. My boy's witty sense of humor.
1169. The beautiful family pictures that fill my house.
1170. Snow flurries on the drive to school.
1171. An afternoon of laughter with a friend.
1172. Thick socks and warm boots on a winter day.
1173. That wonderful feeling of climbing into bed after a long day.
1174. A night of food and laughter with friends.
1175. A hot shower on a chilly morning.
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Jennifer Dougan said... Best Blogger Tips


Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Ann's link up. Lovely cacti, ahh, the joy of fresh green beans -yes!, and beautiful snow flurries.

Counting gifts with you,
Jennifer Dougan

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