One Thousand Gifts (1176 - 1187)

© shoutingforha
1176. An afternoon at Radnor Lake with my boy.
1177. The warmth of the sun on a brisk winter day.
1178. Laughter, good conversation and sushi with my favorite guys.
1179. Breakfast burritos with Cholula hot sauce.
1181. Snow flurries on the drive to school.
1182. My adorable boy sporting a hot chocolate mustache.
1183. My neighbor who came to the rescue after a crummy afternoon.
1184. Soft tissues on my tender, stuffed up nose.
1185. A long nap when I'm feeling under the weather.
1186. A mug of hot mint tea before bed.
1187. Warm weather in the forecast. Spring is on the way. 
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Shelly Miller said... Best Blogger Tips

We are Cholula fans at our house too. I have a big bottle as a permanent fixture on the lazy susan on our table. Praying that cold weather packs up her suitcase and goes home for you soon. I live at the beach, and people complain when it gets in the 50's here. Can't imagine living for long periods in snow.

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