One Thousand Gifts (1188 - 1198)

My little guy at 7 months old.
1188.  12 years with my amazing son.  I am so very blessed to be his mom.  
1189.  Birthday cake.
1190.  Some great mother-son time while the hubby was out of town.
1191.  Listening to my boy play drums for hours on end.  It brings me so much joy.
1192.  My Suburban which passed the 100,000 mile mark this week.  It has been a great car. 
1193.  My boy's hard work on three huge school projects.
1194.  Getting to spend a little time with one of my friend's little boys after picking him up from school. 
1195.  The hubby's early return from a trip.  He was really missed.
Beautiful spring weather for the weekend.  The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing...  It was perfect.
1196.  Friends popping by to surprise the boy with birthday balloons and well wishes.  
1197.  Inhaling helium from balloons and laughing hysterically at our silly voices.
1198.  Family.

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