One Thousand Gifts (1199 - 2010)

© shoutingforha
1199.  Buds and blossoms bursting out on all of the trees.
2000.  Thunderstorms rolling in on a spring morning.
2001.  The way peppermint tea calms an upset stomach.
2002.  Dense fog blanketing the ground at dawn.
2003.  Chilly mornings that give way to warm afternoons.
2004.  The persistence of some crazy robins intent on building their nest on my back porch light yet again.
2005.  An Easter dinner filled with laughter, good food and great friends.
2006.  A bookstore gift card which I used to buy a new cookbook.
2007.  Counting down the last six weeks of school.  I can't wait for summer vacation.
2008.  A perfectly roasted chicken.  So simple and so very good.
2009.  The hint of change floating on the breeze.
2010.  Driving with the windows down.

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