One Thousand Gifts (2011 - 2022)

© shoutingforha

2011. Millions of pInk petals covering the patio after a storm.
2012. The sound of my boy blowing on a didgeridoo in the front yard. Oh, what our neighbors must think.
2013. Walking hand-in-hand with my hubby.
2014. Our lazy Brick, plopped on the ground at the dog park while the other dogs race about.
2015. Oven roasted asparagus.
2016. My boy's best friend. They are more like brothers than friends and I couldn't ask for a better companion for my son.
2017. The way the branches of the weeping cherry tree dance in the breeze.
2018. My friend's soft, baby-fine hair that is growing back after finishing her chemotherapy treatments.
2019. Spring thunderstorms.
2020. Listening to my guys working on their big musical number for the school Variety Show (the middle school version of a talent show).
2021. The kindness, enthusiasm and generosity of my brother and sister-in-law.
2022. An afternoon of just being together. There's nothing better.


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