One Thousand Gifts (2022 - 2033)


2022. My hubby who works tirelessly and sacrifices so much for our family. I married a good, good man.
2023. The start of a new adventure.
2024. Spending time with my friend, B., who is like a surrogate mother to me.
2025. My boy dressed up in a white shirt, black pants and a tie.
2026. Sixth grade band concerts.
2027. Avocados.
2028. The way a friend stares down a devastating diagnosis with such grace and beauty. She is an inspiration to me.
2029. Late night phone conversations with my hubby who was traveling last week.
2030. Weather that is warm enough for summer dresses and sandals.
2031. Hanging out with my hubby on a Friday.
2032. A little boy wearing his astronaut costume at church. Adorable.
2033. Another weekend with my two favorite guys. I am so thankful for my family.


For more lists of gratitude, head over to A Holy Experience.


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nana said... Best Blogger Tips

the best of the best...him and her and little him.
love ya all!

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