One Thousand Gifts (2034 - 2044)

© shoutingforha
2034.  Finding a heart shaped potato at the bottom of the bag.
2035.  The insane green of my lawn.  Gosh, I love spring in Tennessee.
2036.  Grape tomatoes that have been slow roasted in the oven.  So, so good.
2037.  The neighborhood 5-7 year-old boys knocking on the door to invite my big boy out to play.  It is adorable. 
2038.  Learning to be content no matter the circumstance.
2039.  The peppery spice of arugula.
2040.  Letting the boy play hooky from school last Friday after a week of TCAP testing so we could grab lunch and see a movie.  What a great day! 
2041.  The smile I see on my boy's face every afternoon when I pick him up from school; a mark of a good day.
2042.  Sipping mint juleps while watching the Kentucky Derby.  The only thing missing was a big hat.
2043.  Spending time with friends on a Saturday night.
2044.  Knowing there are only eleven more days of school.  I cannot wait for summer break.


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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds like life is good.
: )

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