One Thousand Gifts (2045 - 2057)

© shoutingforha
2045.  The way my hubby always leaves his dresser drawers open just a little bit.  He's been traveling for work and the open drawers are a happy reminder that he is home.
2046.  The shine of freshly cleaned wood floors.
2047.  Squirrels scampering around the yard with their cheeks stuffed to overflowing with seeds that have dropped from the maple trees.
2048.  Freshly painted toenails. 
2049.  Simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
2050.  A beautiful funeral service honoring a friend's long and courageous battle with MS.
2051.  A Mother's Day gift of Chuck Taylors
2052.  Laughing with friends around the fire pit. What a rich life we have.
2053.  Watching my guys perform at the middle school talent show.  What fun!
2054.  Being together.
2055.  A hubby who loves the boy and me so well.
2056.  The deep blue of the sky just before sunrise.  
2057.  One more day of school until summer vacation.  Hooray!


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