One Thousand Gifts (2058 - 2070)

© shoutingforha

2058. Water swirling down a drain after a torrential downpour.
2059. Clear skies after rain.
2060. Ditching the alarm clock because it's SUMMER VACATION!!
2061. Climbing into a freshly made bed. I love the smell and feel of clean sheets.
2062. The scent of sunscreen, sweat and fresh-cut grass on my boy's skin.
2063. My hubby's friends who check on me when my guy is out of town.
2064. The sound of people mowing their lawns on a gorgeous May evening.
2065. The many-colored flecks in my hubby's hazel eyes.
2066. Friends who love our boy like he is their own.
2067. Playing Words With Friends with my neighbor and fellow Scrabble lover.
2068. Gorgeous weather for the weekend.
2069. Walking hand-in-hand with my hubby.
2070. Music playing in the house.


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