One Thousand Gifts (2083 - 2095)

© shoutingforha
2083.  A make-shift chapel beside the Harpeth River. 
2084.  A lunch date with a super cute redhead.  Tacos, chatting and general silliness.  What could be better?
2085.  Enjoying the sun and a cool breeze on a summer afternoon.
2086.  The delicious aroma of a chicken roasting in the oven.  I love how it fills the whole house.
2087.  A week-long trip to the desert for my hubby and three friends.  
2088.  Reconnecting with some old friends.  
2089.  Sitting on a friend's front porch in the cool of the afternoon and talking for hours.
2090.  Waking to the sound of a morning thunderstorm.
2091.  An unexpected mid-adventure phone call from the hubby via a satellite phone.  I had been missing the sound of his voice.
2092.  Laughing until my sides ache.
2093.  My friend who will happily run late night errands with me. 
2094.  A quiet weekend spent with my two favorite guys. 
2095.  Watching Harry Potter while holding the boy's wands "just in case."


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