One Thousand Gifts (2096 - 3011)

© shoutingforha
2096.  My boy's excitement and willingness to volunteer at VBS this past week.  We had such a great time.  
2097.  The innocence, wonder and silliness of five-year-olds. 
2098.  Starting my 40th birthday with a gaggle of children and friends singing "Happy Birthday" in my honor.
2099.  A surprisingly short line at the DMV.  I wish I could say I was thankful for my new driver's license photo.
3000.  News of my brother's engagement.  We are so excited!
3001.  A lime popsicle.
3002.  Wading in the creek on a hot and humid day.
3003.  Birthday lunch with my dear friend of eighteen years.
3004.  Friends who love me well. 
3005.  A night of good food and laughter with girlfriends (arranged and paid for by my hubby). 
3006.  A phone call from a friend I hadn't talked to in ages. 
3007.  Waking up early and hearing the sounds of the hubby and boy sleeping deeply.
3008.  The satisfaction of being able to remove a particularly difficult stain from one of my boy's favorite shirts.  Victory!
3009.  Sappy email messages from my twin sister.
3010.  The simplicity of ordinary weekends spent with my guys.  I love our many adventures but there is something special about the normal rhythm of our life. 
3011.  The 10-15 degree drop in temperature that comes from standing in the shade.  I am so thankful for lush, tree-filled landscape of Tennessee.


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