One Thousand Gifts (3012 - 3027)

© shoutingforha
3012.  A big bowl of cherries. 
3013.  News of my brother's engagement.  We are so excited.
3014.  Wild curls on a sweaty boy.
3015.  Long phone conversations with my mom.
3016.  The aroma of a freshly opened bag of coffee.
3017.  Waking up to the sound of my boy playing drums.  Best alarm clock ever.  
3018.  A boy who is mature enough to put himself to bed when he is tired.  I am so thankful that he can already appreciate the importance of a good night's sleep.
3019.  The excitement in my hubby's voice as he tells me about a good day at work.
3020.  Having a tub of worms in my refrigerator in case the boy gets a sudden urge to go fishing.
3021.  My boy's beautiful freckled face.  
3022.  Spinach salad with fresh peaches, toasted almonds, a sprinkling of blue cheese and champagne vinaigrette.  One of my summer favorites.
3023.  Drinking coffee from a Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back mug.  
3024.  Walking into our air conditioned house on a hot summer afternoon.  
3025.  Loading the boy's drum gear in for two weeks of music camp in record time.  The hubby and I are really getting the hang of this roadie thing. 
3026.  A cherry-limeade from Sonic.  It's one of my favorite summertime drinks. 
3027.  My hubby who had to spend entirely too much of his weekend on a project for work.  He is the smartest man I know and I am always amazed by how hard he works to provide for the boy and me. 


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