One Thousand Gifts (3028 - 3040)

© shoutingforha
3028.  The sound of my boy's 1950's Rogers drum kit.  It's my favorite.
3029.  Putting my hands into my jacket pocket and finding my favorite earbuds that I thought were lost.  
3030.  Music playing in the house while my boy practiced his drum parts for The BGA JAM. 
3031.  My friend and neighbor who happily helped my boy figure out a difficult drum beat in my hubby's absence (he was traveling for work).  
3032.  The sweet, girly sound of my youngest niece's voice while she talks to the hubby on the phone.  
3033.  Fireflies dancing in the moonlight.
3034.  Toast with butter and homemade strawberry jam.
3035.  Volunteering at my boy's music camp and getting to listen to ridiculously talented kids making music all afternoon.  
3036.  A clean car.  I had neglected the job for so long that I had to vacuum pine needles from the Christmas tree out of the back.  
3037.  Wearing a sundress on a hot summer day.
3038.  Watching my boy perform at music camp.  It always makes me so proud.
3039.  Voicemail messages from my sister's youngest girl.  Melts my heart.
3040.  An afternoon spent with some of our oldest friends and their sweet kiddos.  


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