One Thousand Gifts (3041 - 3052)

© shoutingforha
3041.  July 7th fireworks after days and days of rain. 
3042.  A glass of ice cold water on a scorching summer day. 
3043.  The feeling of satisfaction after spending a day working in the yard.
3044.  A rainy forecast after planting a few new trees, shrubs and perennials.   
3045.  My boy's love of crazy meats from the deli counter.  Dried salami or liverwurst anyone?
3046.  Listening to crazy tales from my hubby's day.  He is a wonderful storyteller.  
3047.  Honeycrisp apples.  Best. apples. ever.   
3048.  Lighting fireworks in the rain.
3049.  Discovering that my boy has recorded silly videos on my phone.  
3050.  Another great experience at The BGA JAM.  My boy always comes home feeling encouraged, energized and excited about playing drums.  
3051.  The start of a new adventure.
3052.  A lazy Sunday after two very busy weeks. 


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