One Thousand Gifts (3065 - 3076)

© shoutingforha

3065.  A gorgeous sunset.
3066.  Having my hubby home every day after a long season of almost constant travel.  
3067.  Afternoon walks at Radnor Lake with my boy.  
3068.  New porch lights courtesy of my hubby.  
3069.  Celebrating our dear friend's 50th birthday. 
3070.  Laughter.
3071.  Freshly painted ceilings and trim.  What a difference it makes.    
3072.  Road trips with my guys. 
3073.  Redecorating my boy's bedroom before the start of the new school year.
3074.  The feeling of a soft, shag rug under my bare feet.  
3075.  A new orange chair in the den.  It is incredibly comfortable and is such a cheerful color. 
3076.  Walking into church and seeing the faces of so many people that we love. 


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