One Thousand Gifts (3085 - 4001)

© shoutingforha
3085.  Sunlight shining through the treetops.
3086.  The smell of new school supplies.  It brings back memories of all the first days from my childhood.
3087.  A new toothbrush.  Sometimes it's the little things...
3088.  The gift of an entire log of Taylor Ham flown in from New Jersey.  We have some really wonderful and thoughtful friends.
3089.  Excitement about our kitchen remodel.  It is going to be a big undertaking but I know it will be worth it.  
3090.  Health insurance that makes silly injuries not such a big deal. 
3091.  A ridiculously great deal on a double oven, $319 to be exact.  I won't know what to do with all that space.  
3092.  The return of my Tuesday morning group.  I love that I get to spend time each week with such a great group of women.  
3093.  A friend who brings me lunch because she knows my kitchen is torn apart.  
3094.  My boy's new short haircut.  I can't remember the last time I saw him without his wild curls.  
3095.  My neighbor who shares her delicious birthday carrot cake.   
3096.  Notes of encouragement from my hubby.  He always seems to know just what I need to hear.
3097.  A before school breakfast date with my boy.  
3098.  Nights of deep, restful sleep despite all the craziness that is going on.   
3099.  A great group of volunteers that have signed up to help with the fall festival that I am organizing.  It lifts a huge burden to know that I'm not doing it by myself.
4000.  My boy's love of 80's music.  
4001.  Sitting next to the hubby and church and giggling at the man sitting behind us.  He was singing with all his heart but his voice sounded like a broken guitar effects pedal.  Sometimes it's hard to tell we are both in our forties.  

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