One Thousand Gifts (4002 - 4012)

© shoutingforha
4002.  A boy with a blown up rubber glove on his head. 
4003.  Gingersnaps dipped in milk.
4004.  An almost dust-free house, if only for a few hours.  Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. 
4005.  Enjoying a peaceful hour at the laundromat.  The quiet hum of the machines was a welcome respite from the noise of construction.
4006.  A budding new friendship for my boy.  You can never have too many friends. 
4007.  Ludens Honey-Lemon cough drops.  
4008.  Going to bed early three nights in a row.  Oh, how I needed the sleep.
4009.  A whole chicken cooked on the grill.  
4010.  Saturday drives with my guys.  I love exploring a part of Tennessee that I've never visited before.
4011.  A boy napping on a Sunday afternoon.    
4012.  Cool evenings which are perfect for sitting around the fire pit with friends. 


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