One Thousand Gifts (4013 - 4023)

© shoutingforha
4013.  Sunlight dancing on a lazy dog.
4014.  A kitchen that has been rewired and is ready for appliances and lights.  All we need is cabinets...
4015.  A son who happily pulls weeds and helps me move 300 pumpkins.  
4016.  Coffee on mornings when I'm especially sleepy.
4017.  Washing and drying an entire week's worth of clothes in sixty minutes.  There are definite benefits of visiting the laundromat.
4018.  Kissing my boy's cheek and feeling the scruff of his whiskers.  When did he start turning into a man?
4019.  Going to bed at 9:30 after an especially busy day.
4020.  Twenty-one years of marriage.  My, does time ever fly.
4021.  A breeze blowing through the open windows. 
4022.  Lovely new hardwood floors going down in my kitchen and dining room.
4023.  A house that is relatively free from drywall dust.  It was quite a chore cleaning it up but well worth the effort.


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Richelle Wright said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that we are nearly right at the same places in our lists... 300 pumpkins??? Wow!!

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