One Thousand Gifts (4024 - 4034)

© shoutingforha
4024.  My boy having a great time celebrating his friend's Bar Mitzvah. 
4025.  A house that is relatively free from dust.  It is such a gift after weeks of construction.
4026.  Cool evenings and chilly mornings.  
4027.  My guys who put up with my pathetic atempts at meals during our kitchen renovation.
4028.  Watching my boy play in the pep band at a middle school football game.
4029.  Freshly painted walls.
4030.  A neighbor who happily washes our dirty laundry.  It's the mark of a true friend.
4031.  Perfect weather for the festival I helped organize for my church.
4032.  Dozens of volunteers working together to make the day a huge success.
4033.  143 dozen cookies baked by the sweet ladies of my church.  143 dozen!   
4034.  A hubby who takes me out to my favorite Indian restaurant after a few insanely busy days.


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Richelle Wright said... Best Blogger Tips

enjoying cool evenings and chilly mornings here as well. liked that picture of your boy climbing!

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