His Scent

I walk into my boy's room with a stack of neatly folded laundry.  As soon as I step through his door it hits me.  His smell hangs thick in the air.  It is a scent that is so uniquely him.

Other moms talk about how teenage boys are smelly, stinky beings.  While my boy won't officially be a teen for another four months, at 5'10" and 160 pounds he definitely has the physique of a teenager. 

My boy's scent is a mix of soap, sweat, dryer sheets, deodorant and that sweet smell that can only be detected at the nape of his neck.  The day may come when I am met at the doorway by a repulsive aroma, but for now I love to breath deep as I enter his room.  

In just a few short years, my boy will be away at college.  I wonder how many weeks, days or hours his smell will linger in his absence before fading away.  However long, I know my heart will ache once it's gone.  

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