One Thousand Gifts (4060 - 4069)

© shoutingforha
4060.  This cheerful corner of my house.  The bright colors make me happy.
4061.  Getting to talk with a sleepy boy on school mornings.  He sits at the counter and eats breakfast while I pack his lunch and sip coffee.
4062.  Climbing into a bed that's been made with freshly laundered sheets.  I love the smell. 
4063.  Asparagus that has been roasted with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.
4064.  The sound of my boy's drumming that fills the house daily. 
4065.  A chill in the morning air. 
4066.  The morning sun peeking through rainclouds. 
4067.  A visit from my mom.
4068.  My mom's willingness to help sew curtains for my kitchen.  
4069.  Fallen leaves scattering across the road as I drive.

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