One Thousand Gifts (4098 - 4110)

© shoutingforha
4098.  Animal's crazy mug hanging on the Christmas tree. 
4099.  That wonderful Christmas tree smell filling the house.    
4100.  The weight of a chubby baby sleeping on my chest.  Best feeling ever.
4101.  Scones and a cup of coffee.
4102.  Christmas music.
4103.  Driving with the windows down and the sunroof open on a gorgeous December day.  
4104.  The twinkling lights of the Christmas village.
4105.  A friend popping by for a quick visit on a rainy morning. 
4106.  Cypress and white pine garland draped over the doorways.  I love fresh garland.
4107.  Christmas cookies.  
4108.  A cold, rainy day which is the perfect excuse to stay home, snuggle up and read a good book.
4109.  Weekends.
4110.  An evening spent laughing and crafting with girlfriends.  


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