One Thousand Gifts (4111 - 4124)

© shoutingforha
4111.  Making snowflakes with my boy and then hanging them around the house.
4112.  Car heaters that blow air that is hot enough to melt your shoes.  It's a necessity when running errands in the icy, cold rain.   
4113.  The extreme effort it takes for my boy to keep a secret during the Christmas season.  
4114.  The sound of my boy play drums for hours and hours each day.  It never gets old.
4115.  Snow days.  Even when there's not much snow.  
4116.  Listening to dear friends make beautiful music at the Ryman.
4117.  Gifts of yummy Christmas cookies.
4118.  City tree trimmers who actually trimmed our trees instead of mauling them.
4119.  Finding the perfect Christmas gifts to send to our nieces and nephew.
4120.  Catching up with old friends at various holiday parties.
4121.  Popcorn.
4122.  Long phone calls with my sister-in-law.  I am enjoying getting to know her better. If only we lived close enough to hang out together. 
4123.  Eating ice cream and strolling through Downtown Franklin on an unusually warm December night. 
4124.  Watching the boy, decked out in a rain suit and boots, run around outside while a thunderstorm rages.


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