One Thousand Gifts (4125 - 4136)

© shoutingforha
4125.  Snacks of sweet, brightly colored fruit.  It's like a little taste of summer.
4126.  Snow days, even when there isn't snow.  
4127.  Talking to my nephew on the phone.  He finally arrived at that magical age when phone conversations are possible.  
4128.  Weeks and weeks of cold weather.  Oh, how my heart has longed for a real winter.  
4129.  Sorel boots that keep my toes toasty and dry.  
4130.  Warm sweaters and scarves.  
4131.  The way my hubby's new office smells like the freshly baked breads and pastries that are made in the bakery downstairs.  It's heavenly.
4132.  Making plans to attend my brother's wedding in Hawaii.  I've never been and I am happy to have an excuse to make the trip.
4133.  A long-overdue haircut.
4134.  My boy's witty sense of humor.  
4135.  A pair of $2 mustard yellow ballet flats from the thrift store. 
4136.  Frosty nights that give way to sunny, springlike days.  

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