One Thousand Gifts (4137 - 4146)

© shoutingforha
4137.  Sitting under my favorite tree on a beautiful spring day.  
4138.  Driving with the sunroof open. 
4139.  The first strawberries of the season.
4140.  Filing our taxes on time. Miracles can happen.
4141.  Spring thunderstorms.
4142.  Sore muscles after shoveling three yards of dirt into the raised garden beds. 
4143.  Knowing there is only twenty-six days left in the school year, not that I'm counting. 
4144.  Cool nights and warm days. 
4145.  Booking my trip to Hawaii for my brother's August wedding.  I can't wait. 
4146.  Discovering four rolls of film in the back of a closet.  It's been seven years since I shot a roll of film and I cannot wait to see the pictures that are hidden inside.

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