One Thousand Gifts (4161 - 4143)

© shoutingforha
4161. Candied oranges dipped in chocolate from The Chocolate Line.  
4162. Watching old Brick chase after bunnies in the backyard. 
4163. Bus drivers who honk their horns and middle school teachers who line the sidewalk and cheer to signify the start of summer vacation.  
4164. The bright white of freshly painted trim. 
4165. A son who is now a full inch taller than his Dad.
4166. Pale pink peony blooms.
4167. Discovering a new hot chicken restaurant just minutes from our house.  
4168. Late night talks with my boy.  I love the man he is becoming.  
4169. A hubby who takes care of dinner when I'm tired after an especially busy day.  He is such a good man.
4170. Knocking another spring cleaning/organizing project off my to-do list.  
4171. A boy who happily takes out the trash and waters the garden.  
4142. The relaxed pace of summer days. 
4143. Cool spring evenings.  I'm trying to savor them before the arrival of the steamy summer nights.

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