One Thousand Gifts (4144 - 4160)

© shoutingforha
4144.  Nighttime thunderstorms. 
4145.  A spontaneous Memorial Day gathering of friends. 
4146.  The smell of dinner cooking on the charcoal grill.  
4147.  Finishing projects on my To-Do list.  It feels great to cross them off one-by-one.
4148.  Fresh herbs harvested from the garden. 
4149.  Mornings spent hanging with my boy.  It's one of the best things about summer.
4150.  A well told joke. 
4151.  Homemade banana pudding.  
4152.  Music blaring in the house.
4153.  The smell of freshly washed hair. 
4154.  Fireflies.   
4155.  A dog who climbs onto the boy's bed when the hubby leaves for work every morning.  They usually sleep, side-by-side, for a few hours.  
4156.  Learning that one of my oldest friends is moving back to Middle Tennessee after years of being away.  I am so excited!   
4157.  The sound of my boy practicing his scales and rudiments every day in an effort to maintain his competitive edge in band.  
4158.  Sitting in my favorite chair and sipping coffee while morning rain falls outside.  
4159.  My boy's friendships that have lasted for most of his life. What a gift.
4160.  A weather forecast that may eliminate the need to water the garden for the next ten days.  Take that mosquitos!  

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