One Thousand Gifts (4161 - 4174)

© shoutingforha
4161.  Finding the first tomatoes in my garden.  I am growing seven different varieties and cannot wait until all the plants are heavy with red, ripe fruit. 
4162.  Quiet mornings spent fishing on the Harpeth River with my boy.  
4163.  Spicy food.  The older I get, the more I enjoy a little zip on my tongue.
4164.  Talking with the hubby while we sit out back on a cool summer night.  
4165.  Reserving my ticket to visit Pearl Harbor in August.  I am so excited!
4166.  Sunny days after a month of seemingly endless rain. 
4167.  The way my boy's hair is so wild when he first wakes up in the morning. 
4168.  Jeni's ice cream on a hot summer day.  
4169.  Another year spent with the people I love.  Who says growing older is a bad thing?
4170.  Stretching with my boy in the morning.  
4171.  Picnic tables with giant umbrellas that offer shade during the heat of the day.    
4172. Trimming some wayward branches from our trees to let a little more sunlight into the back yard.
4173.  The cheerful blooms of the Black-Eyed Susan.
4174.  My hubby, who is the best dad in the world. 

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