One Thousand Gifts (4175 - 4187)

© shoutingforha
4175.  The curly-q vines of cucumber plants that wrap themselves around anything they can reach including nearby tomato plants.  
4176.  Celebrating my hubby's birthday.  I'm so glad we get to grow old together. 
4177.  Leftover prime rib, sliced thin and served French Dip style.  Delicious. 
4178.  Air conditioning in my car that blows cold.  
4179.  A boy who plays drums for hours and hours every day.  I love listening to him play.
4180.  Driving down the Natchez Trace with the windows down. 
4181.  Afternoon thunderstorms that water the garden on hot summer days. 
4182.  New next-door neighbors.
4183.  Watching Brick and our friend's dog, Lucy, race around the yard during her week-long visit. 
4184.  A boy who faithfully walks the dog every single day.  
4185.  Trying a new-to-us restaurant and discovering that it is one of Nashville's best kept secrets. The Ha family has a new favorite place to eat. 
4186.  Laughter.
4187.  Our nightly ritual of reading with our boy before bed.  I especially love the deep conversation that flows afterwards.  

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