I have to admit that I am not much of a sports fan. Other than my beloved Denver Broncos, I don't follow many sports teams. Sadly, living in Tennessee, I am only able to watch a few Broncos games each season. It is a tragedy.

My only course of action over the past few years has been to brainwash my son into believing that the Broncos are the best football team in the world. He is now a self-proclaimed Broncos fan... and conversely, a Titans, Raiders, Cowboys and Browns hater. It is a beautiful thing. Our blood runs orange and blue.

This week, however, everything has changed. I have become a baseball junkie. I believe that I have come down with a terrible case of Rockies fever.

Baseball has always been a painfully boring sport to watch. Inning after inning seemed to be filled with a bunch of men chewing gum, spitting, scratching themselves, standing around, rarely hitting a ball. Call me crazy, but that's not my idea of entertainment.

Two weeks ago, when the Rockies beat the San Diego Padres to clench a wild-card spot, I hardly took notice. When they swept the Philadelphia Phillies 3-0 in the Division Series, I was mildly excited. When I realized the Rockies were leading the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-0 in the National League Championship Series, I decided to give baseball one more chance. I have to tell you, I wasn't disappointed. When Torrealba hit a 3-run homer last night to clench win number three, my fate was sealed.

So here I’ve sat tonight, alone (my boys have long been asleep), eyes glued to the television set, cheering on MY team. The Rockies have swept the Diamondbacks 4-0 to win the National League Championship and secure a spot in the World Series. As if that weren’t enough, they have gone undefeated in post-season play, something that only one other team has done before.

When the Rockies face either Boston or Cleveland in the World Series, you can be sure that I will be watching. Who knows, maybe I will start watching basketball or hockey… I hear the Nuggets and the Avalanche aren’t half bad.

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Diane said... Best Blogger Tips

I had the VERY same thing happen to me a couple years ago. Being from south of Chicago and living with a die-hard Angels fan, I quickly moved from "what a waste of television hours" to "huh" to "hot damn, Chicago White Sox are going all the way baby!" I called home only to discover that my MOTHER (who can only spell "sports" because she was a spelling bee champ), was not to be disturbed with phone calls during the White Sox games. Go figures ladies. Maybe there is something to that spitting, scratching, dust kicking, cup wearing crap. I would, however, suggest ... they call that guy the "monotone man" rather than the "color man." Hey, I'm no Indians fan per se, but to put Boston out of it ... Here's hoping.

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