The Complaint Bucket

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I think I may have mentioned that my boy has been a wee bit of a complainer as of late.  For a while, his whining seemed to be centered around certain tasks. Things like brushing his teeth, picking up his stuff or being forced to go to bed.  

Oh, the humanity.  Are we the meanest parents or what?

In the past few weeks, the hubby and I noticed that his grumblings had ballooned to a whole knew level.  Nothing was off limits when it came to the boy's never ending complaints.  It was almost as annoying as the never-ending drone of political ads and commentary.  Almost.  

After a little discussion, we came up with what we think was the perfect solution...  The complaint bucket.   It's an old metal tub where the items that cause our boy deep sorrow go to live for a period of time.  

Can't stand the way those socks feel?  Just toss them in the bucket.   

Lamenting over the fact that you don't have the newest version of the iPod Touch?  We'll just keep that crummy, outdated device in the bucket until a little thankfulness fills your heart.   

Backpack bringing you down?  Maybe your mind will change after a day or two of lugging that gigantic binder, lunch box, snare drum and bell set back and forth to school by hand.

It may sound extreme, but you would be surprised how doing without can turn even the grumpiest eleven-year-old into a veritable ray of sunshine.  It's like magic. 

I am happy to report that the bucket has worked even better than we hoped. In fact, it's been sitting in the corner, empty, for the past two weeks.  These days, when his pesky socks are gouging his tender toes, the boy is quick to shout, "I love the way these socks make my toes feel!"  He may not be entirely sincere, but at least he's not complaining anymore. 

I only wish that we would have thought of it sooner.


This post is part of Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are That Family.  Stop by and check out some of the other helpful tips. 

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cmhoudini said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! Wish I could think of a version for the adults(???) living in the family! Hmmmmmm

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a brilliant idea! Showing this post to my husband. We might need a complaint shipping container.

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

You're a genius.

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

clever, mrs. ha

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